About Common Sense Limited

Common Sense Limited is a registered company in Nigeria under Corporate Affairs Commission with RC No 620583. Doing business with integrity and excellence is our trade mark. The directors are men and women of integrity with a combined experience and record of over thirty years of success in all their business investment.

The Common Sense Limited has interest in Real Estate, Publishing, Travel & Tour, Training & Seminar, and Media& Consultancy.


The Training & Seminar arm of the company organizes free monthly “School of Money” Seminar where thousands are taught and mentored on wealth-creation and entrepreneurship.


The Common Sense Estate Development Project is an initiative of Common Sense Limited. Our mission is to provide genuine and affordable land to interested subscribers for the development of their houses within our estate.

The Real Estate arm has helped thousands of people proud owners of plots of land in our estates.


Common Sense Publishing is the Publisher of all Olumide Emmanuel books which are touching and impacting millions of lives positively. Among the title that has been published is the “PATHWAY TO WEALTH” and“THE SCHOOL OF MONEY”.


The Media arm is the producer of all Olumide Emmanuel Business and Wealth-Creation audio & video CD’s also, It is the producer of “The Pathway to Wealth” and “School of Money” Broadcast on Radio and Television. These broadcasts reveal money-making opportunities, and teaches pathway to wealth which has helped millions of people to realize their dream of wealth creation with testimonies backing it up.


The Travel and Tour arm provides opportunity for first time travelers to “disvigin” their passport through her ‘Operation Disvirgin your Passport’ scheme as provided by Common Sense Travel &Tour. This arm also organizes tours to different destinations because we believe that as an individual, you need not to live and die in your country of residence.


The Consultancy Arm provides first-hand information to help individual, corporate and government parastatal in the area of capacity building and also provide help to small and medium enterprises.

Mission & Core Value

  • OUR MISSION: To set up genuine and profitable businesses in different sectors of the economy with Integrity and Excellence for the purpose of financing the kingdom of God.
  • OUR CORE VALUE: Integrity and Excellence.
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