The Estate is a 36.9 hectares located in Auta Balafi along Keffi Express Road, Masaka, new Karu Local Government . It is just 20mins drive from Abuja Central Area, Maitama and Asokoro.


The lands are acquired from the families and free from government acquisition. There are no “omo onile” i.e. son of the soil problem for any subscriber and all vital documents from the government are put in place by the estate board. All subscribers will get their allocation paper, individual plots survey with their names duly registered and signed by the government. They will also get a deed of assignment linking them to the global C of O that covers the entire estate.



There are RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL areas within our estate based on the government approved layout standards.

All residential plots are for building of bungalows or duplexes for uniformity and mono occupancy in compliance with our estate ethics.

All commercial plots are for the development of schools, hospitals, factories, fuel station, shopping complexes, worship centres etc.

A standard plot within our estates is called the classic plots which measure 50x100ft, which is about 500 sq./m and an acre is 6 plots of land within the same measurement. Subscribers are free to buy as much as they desire for investment purposes.


Our estates are all situated on dry land that does not require any pile or reinforced concrete ground beam for foundation. The top soil is loamy while the subsoil is laterite with good soil bearing capacity.


  • Located directly behind the Bingham University, the University belonging to ECWA
  • It is located before Covenant University, Abuja campus owned by Winners Chapel
  • It is situated opposite Centricoop Estate and two others in the area
  • It is located in one of the fastest developing local government in Nigeria due to its proximity to Abuja central business district.
  • It is a little off the road which gives it security from the ever busy express road.
  • With the universal, eternal appreciation and benefit of real estate investment, our estate projects are a good buy. Money not invested ends up being spent or wasted, so to invest in properties and real estate is a wise use of your money. If you don’t know how to manage your money, you will mourn. Buy the future today!