Whether you want to buy, rent, sell or invest, our services will save you time, resources and money, with a full array of services at our fingertips, we are well positioned to meet your every real estate needs.


Our real estate development department engage in acquisition of suitable sites/land for new development, existing properties for redevelopment, and rehabilitation of old properties to meet current functional, rehabilitation of old properties requirements and contemporary appeal. We have skilled and experienced professionals and artisans that are capable of undertaking residential and commercial property schemes.

Below are samples of our developed estates:


Our marketing entails a large array of techniques to ensure properties in our portfolio reach the largest possible audiences. We know that people’s investment behavior is never constant and real estate investment market is dynamic, hence, we go beyond conventional methods including internet marketing with the primary objective of giving maximum exposure to our properties on offer.

At Common Sense Estate Ltd, we have the knowledge, resources and expertise to market properties aggressively, to negotiate better deals, and to ensure our clients wind up with the best possible deals.


Real estate is a complex venture requiring specialist knowledge, multidisciplinary skills and demonstrated experience. Underestimating this complexity has often resulted in huge financial losses, unrealized dreams and, in some cases, total loss of investment among other consequences. Individuals and corporations aspiring to invest in real estate can have their positions significantly enhanced for success by securing sound advisory services.

Our Advisory Group can help achieve exceedingly great success and value when we partner with you on your real estate initiatives. We have the pedigree to do this, as our personnel comprise people with deep knowledge and skills, as well as extensive experience in various areas of real estate development.


Property and Facility management is of great significance to organizations of all kind. It has become the focus for the purpose of achieving best value and customer satisfaction within the management of supporting services. Well-managed services enable an organization to function at its most effective and efficient level, offering real added value improvements to the organization’s core business.

We specialize in the management of residential, commercial and industrial properties. We ensure that our clients sit back and enjoy the fruit of their investment, while we take responsibility over: Choice of quality tenants, achieving best market rents, negotiating and payment of local, state and federal property taxes, preparation and execution of lease and tenancy agreements, including renewals and pre-vacation inspections, administration and ensuring prompt settlement of service bills such as electricity, water and refuse collection for multi-tenanted properties, security, insurance and repairs/ maintenance.

These among others are some of the many management services our clients enjoy. It should be noted that we do not only manage for the landlords, but also for the tenants. For tenants, we could manage their leases by projecting and protecting their interests in the property and ensuring that they are not harassed by the landlord. As a matter of fact, even where we represent the landlord, it is our belief that a property is well managed only if both the landlord and tenant are happy with the performance of the manager.